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Your Lawn Is More Important Than You Might Know

Did you know that mowed lawns are a fairly new phenomenon? The practice didn't begin until the 17th century, when English landowners began to trim their lawns, according to Planet Natural. At that time, due to the amount of money it took to keep a lawn neat, landscaped property became a sign of wealth and status. Fortunately, in today's world, hiring a professional landscaping company is an option for most people. The boost landscaping gives to your property is worth the time and expense.

The Evolution of Landscaping

Now that mowed and well-manicured lawns are pretty much the norm, it takes dedication to make your lawn stand out! One solution to obtaining an eye-catching lawn is to enlist the services of a local landscaping company. Working with a team of pros can help you get the lawn you've always dreamed of!

In many areas, it's not only about grass anymore. A creative landscaping company can create a unique look for your home or office with xeriscaping or other modern techniques. Many people love the option of landscaping that doesn't require frequent watering or maintenance.

Others want to expand their living area by enhancing their outdoor areas. In these cases, a landscaping company may suggest privacy hedges, shade trees, and walking paths through planted areas. Patios and pool areas also offer opportunities for homeowners to express themselves with their landscaping.

How This Could Affect Your Yard

Even as landscaping changes through the years, it's important to maintain a tidy and attractive yard around your home. All yard maintenance will still require some regular attention. In most areas of the country, leaves need to be raked in the autumn, tree branches trimmed, and lawns mowed throughout the year. A neglected yard is never a good idea as it can attract vermin and other unwanted pests.

If it's time to upgrade your yard, or you're just ready for something new, sitting down with a professional landscaping company is a great first step. You can present your ideas on how you want your property to look, and they can help you turn those dreams into reality.

Now is an ideal time to meet with a local landscaping company and learn more about the options that are available. You may be surprised to learn just how much you can achieve together! Call Fox Valley Landscaping today to get started with a free consultation or estimate.

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